Mahindra Thar Modified in to Rubicon

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Hi all,

We Jeep clinic are modifying Mahindra thar in to a complete
off road
vehicle with macho looks and performance equipments based
on our
customer requirements.

The modifications like new extra comfort bucket seats,various
types of
softtop,all terrain & off road tyres,alloywheels,electric
winches,frontbumpers,hi-lift jacks,diff-gaurds,army style
handles,rocksliders,roofracks,rollbars,off road lights,new
upholstery,Rubicon type tail gate,army style foldable front
shield,black out lights,search lights etc are done with utmost
and best quality.
Painting Edit/Customization can also be done on the original
with showroom finish.

intrested people can contact Mr.A.gopal for further details.

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