wrangler type frp hardtop for thar

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            Removable Type FRP Hardtop’s  And  Accessories

Jeep clinic started in South india’s first for manufacturing FRP jeep products like(consolbox,variant type off fender flares, two type off snorkel kit,boneetscoop,Hardtops)

It is a removable Hard Top

Easy to fit and it can be removed easily into three pieces.

Requires no alteration in the original body, no cutting of the B-Pillar.Originality of the jeep. 

FRP Hard Top Body in Matte Black Finish. 

Heavy duty rear door shock absorber with keylock.

Rear Door can be opened from the inside, as well as the outside. 

No rattling and vibrations in FRP Hard Top.

No water leakage.

There is Five types of FRP Hard Tops

Soft corner Hard Top      {type 1}

Wrangler sharp edge High glasses  { type 2}

 Wrangler sharp edge with side windows open able {type 3}

Wrangler sharp edge with side windows short                 fixed glasses  {type 4}

International model Adventure Type {type 5}


Newly designed No.1 quality Tinted glasses.

We use only ISO FRP product.

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